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GstarCAD Software, the ideal for professional who actively participate in the drafting and design process environment. It is the world-class 2D/3D CAD software (Computer aided design) platformbased on speedier kernel. GstarCAD's dozen of powerful functions and features, AutoCAD compatible programming platform, cost-effective solution and ease-of-use operating interface ensure that your design inspiration comes true skillfully and efficiently.

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GstarCAD 2019 Official Version Release on October 2018

GstarCAD 2019 optimized edition comes with new and improved features to shorten different tasks efficiently. In this version, users can create, modify, and save workspaces at will, check spelling of a current text, flexibility for import layouts to a sheet set file, verify the real scale of viewports created on layout space, redefine inserted blocks from design center and more enhancements available. Besides, this version offers brand new experience including Collaboration Design and BIM Support.

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GstarCAD 2017 Official Release

Design, share and visualize your CAD drawing is better with GstarCAD 2017.
Best-ever core performance, functionalities implementation and innovations are what this CAD platform offers.

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GstarCAD 2016 Official Release

The performance of GstarCAD 2016 is improved in many aspects. For common operations like OPEN, COPY, MOVE, UNDO, the operational performance has been obviously enhanced. The time of switching between layout spaces is reduced considerably thanks to the effective memory optimization. Also you could snap points more accurately over objects with more clear visualization.

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GstarCAD MC Applied in the Facility Constructions for Sochi Winter Olympics

During February 7 to 23, 2014, the 22nd Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi . When the players are preparing for the game, the constructions of peripheral facility are also tensely preparing. To improve the quality of design communication and design efficiency, a leading pipeline company in Russia applied GstarCAD MC to work on site.

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